Our Social Responsibility

At KUZUKA, some of our proudest achievements are our philanthropic and volunteer efforts within the community and our support of projects that are helping to improve the lives of those most in need.


Community Development

KUZUKA dontated our staff time to prepare the project design documents for a carbon offset project whose revenues are being used to introduce clean drinking water filters to villages in South Sudan. The water filters reduce greenhouse gas emissions as the need to harvest non-renewable fuel wood from nearby woodlots is eliminated. They are also a cost-effective way to provide clean drinking water to the South Sudanese in an area where nearly three-quarters of all drinking water sources are contaminated by e-coli bacteria.



KUZUKA is a supporter of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, a leader in wildlife conservation, education, and awareness. From 2008 to 2013, KUZUKA donated 1% of our annual revenue to JGIC to support their conservation and education initiatives. We encourage you to support this inspirational and worthy organization as well by visiting the Institute's website in Canada or the USA.

KUZUKA is a proud sponsor of the Bach Music Festival of Canada, a music and arts event that is held bi-ennially in Exeter Ontario, site of our corporate headquarters. Come visit Exeter in July 2015 and join us in this impressive week-long celebration!



KUZUKA's President Steve Boles volunteers his time as a Board Member of the following organizations that are dedicated to improving the economic and environmental landscape of the local community where our offices are located: