Kuzuka's Steve Boles obtains GHG Verifier Accreditation

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Kuzuka President Stephen Boles is now an accredited Greenhouse Gas Verifier with the California Air Resources Board.

The State of California has passed legislation that requires the mandatory reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions by certain emitters of GHG. Verification of California GHG emission reports can only be conducted by individuals that have completed the appropriate training and testing. Stephen is one of only 218 individuals in North America that has obtained the accreditation to perform greenhouse gas verification services in the California program.

To learn more about California’s Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program and verification requirements, please visit the ARB verification website. Feel free to sboles [at] kuzuka [dot] com (email Stephen) with questions about greenhouse gas verification as it applies to your organization, whether in California or elsewhere.